Nine of the Dirtiest Self Defence Moves

When the military needs to get down and dirty with the enemy, it usually means a few things have gone wrong. It’s best for the military units if the fights are conducted at long range, where more assets can be brought in to assist.

Still, the enemy always does gets a vote, and, if they want to fight hand to hand, military units must always be willing to oblige utilising tried and tested self-defence techniques.

Using the major “weapons of the body” as well as grappling techniques, troops jockey for position and then strike any soft spots they can find, hurting, crippling, or killing the enemy.

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Feint & Fake

When I began my martial arts journey and later Krav Maga, I often would hear people talk about “feint a movement” or “throwing a fake”… and to me, the terms seemed to be used interchangeably and to mean the same thing.

Only years later, when I began training Krav Maga, especially in sparring and grading, feints & fakes became a term more widely used and tactic that required in-depth knowledge in order to succeed. In short in Krav maga our understanding of Feints and fakes can be summed up in the following line.

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