KRAV MAGA for Corporates

Corporate workshops

Corporate workshops for women, men – to create basic awareness of personal safety and self defence
Krav-Maga the modern combat system from Israel has become popular, not only for self-defense but also as a fun way to overcome work- related stress and ailments.

Addressing the specific needs of desk bound employees, SGS KravMaga  has commenced Corporate training, as a focused activity.
KravMaga is popular with professionals of varied profiles – ITpros, Doctors, Business men, Airlines staff and Students; both Men & Women – age between 16+

Apart from learning a confidence building self-defense, the benefits of KravMaga corporate training for executives are –

  • Improves overall fitness – weight control, flexibility, cardio-vascular ability
  • Reduces work related physical ailments like lower back pain, cervical spondylosis
  • Reduces life-style oriented Stress, Depression & Anxiety
  • Builds Mental toughness & Focus enabling them to be more productive under pressure.