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Krav Maga



Krav maga Means “Contact Combat”

KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defence, combat & fighting, VIP & third- party protection.

Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), founder of Krav maga, started teaching hand-to-hand combat in the haganah (pre-state defence militia). Imi continued teaching in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) School of Combat Fitness as the Chief Instructor for physical fitness and hand-to-hand combat, where he developed what later becam known as Krav Maga.


Active Shooter


Active Shooter: Someone using a firearm to actively shoot unsuspecting people. Motivations may be personal, political or religiously motivated.

Active Stabber


Active Stabber: Similar to an Active Shooter an Active stabber is someone using an edged weapon to actively stab or slash unsuspecting people. Motivations may be personal, political or religiously motivated.



Adrenaline: Also known as epinephrine, in the context of Krav Maga, is a hormone that triggers with an adrenaline dump during flight or fight responses. The body is adrenalised causing vasoconstriction while blood pressue increases. Hormones are immediately injected, blood sugar levels spike, along with elevated heart rate to increase blood flow for increased physical exertion capability. Endorphins are released to temporarily mitigate pain. Hormone levels are effected by high stress, impairing memory. Hence the importance of training in instintctive / conditioned responsesfor self-defence.



Ambush: A surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position.

Anatomical Targeting


Anatomical Targeting: A key tenet of Krav Maga is to attack whatever primary targets the opponent presents.

Such anatomical targets are:

  • Eyes
  • Throat
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Groin
  • Base of the skull
  • Chin, jaw and mouth
  • Knees
  • etc


Balance: The ability to maintain balance or stability along with fluid movement

Ball of the Foot


Ball of the Foot: The practitioner normally moves, pivots and kicks (reflexive front kicks, roundhouse kick) utilising the ball of their feet.

Bear Hug


Bear Hug: An opponent wraps his arms around the defender’s torso or both arms and torso from the rear or from the front effectively hugging the defender.




Biting: Biting down into an attackers flesh may be a necessary tactic when an attacker is attempting to choke, grab, bear hug or mount.

Body Defence



Body Defence: Defender moving there body off the line of an attack.