Instructor Stella Antoniou

Stella Antoniou

Instructor Stella Antoniou

Certifications – Certified KMG General Instructor; Certified KMG Kids Instructor; Certified KMG Womens Instructor

Stella started learning Krav Maga in 2015 and completed her Krav Maga instructor’s course with KMG (Krav Maga Global) in July 2018, under Franklyn Hartkamp Expert 4 (Netherlands).

Stella also undertook the Women’s Instructor course (WIC) and Kids Instructor course (KIC) in 2017.

Before learning Krav Maga, Stella practiced Hapkido for over 4 years before deciding she wanted to learn something more realistic and practical.

Stella is hard working and dedicated instructor who aims to pass on all her knowledge and skills learnt from KMG to as many students as possible. Stella is particularly passionate about empowering women and children in her community through KMG.


  • 5 Years of experience in Krav Maga Global
  • KMG GIC Certified Instructor
  • KMG Instructor Level G2 under Rune Lind (Expert 5)
  • KMG KIC Certified Instructor (Krav Junior Instructor)
  • KMG WIC Certified Instructor (Womens Instructor)